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Three members of the MacIntosh family have penciled in death on their calendars for Friday, May 10, 1963. But when an F5 tornado wipes their little Oklahoma town off the map that day, life and death will rest in God’s hands, not in theirs.

A young pastor who lost his faith when his wife died, Mac plans to resign from his church and leave the ministry on Friday—to “kill” the reverend Mac MacIntosh. His father-in-law, Jonas, has an uglier death planned for that day. Jonas doesn’t see it as murder, though. He sees it as a final act of love to rescue his precious Maggie from the fog of Alzheimer’s. Mac’s 16-year-old daughter, Joy, isn’t planning to murder anybody on Friday, either. It’s just a clump of cells, right? It’s not a real person… is it?

Then Mac agrees to meet daily for five days with someone else who has death plans for Friday, and everything in the lives of the MacIntosh family begins to change. A mysterious death row inmate called Princess knows things she can’t possibly know about Mac and his family, sees things she can't possibly see, and she speaks into his life with an insight and clarity that rock his world. Princess has her own burden to bear, though—a secret she is determined to carry to her grave about the little sister she confessed to beheading 14 years ago.

All four of the people with death on Friday’s calendar will stand—or be hurled to their knees—before the Reaper that day, so close they’ll feel his cold breath on their necks.
But will any of them come to the crossroads of living and dying by the path they’d planned?
Or leave the crossroads alive?

From award-winning journalist Ninie Hammon comes an inspiring, emotionally charged thriller about real people, an inspiring story that will that drag you into the pages, a contemporary drama with a surprising twist that will break your heart ... and then put it back together again.

Publisher’s Weekly calls Five Days in May “a great, gripping read … a fine story about love and sacrifice that will hook readers to the end.”

Novelist Eric Wilson, the author of Fireproof, Facing the Giants and October Baby, calls it “…a tale that encompasses generations, yet compresses it all into 5 days. Ninie Hammon has a way with words and a deep understanding of the human heart."  

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