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NATIONAL BESTSELLER AND NOW ACADEMY AWARD WINNER FOR BEST PICTURE. Twelve Years a Slave is a dramatic memoir by a former American slave, Solomon Northup. The book was published repeatedly during the pre-Civil War era. As a prototypical “slave narrative,” the book is a powerful political tract against slavery, but also melds the richness of a Victorian novel with deeply religious Protestant themes.

The storyline is stark, grim, and all too true. Fraudsters lure a middle-class black man from New York to Washington, D.C. Once there, a well-organized gang kidnaps and sells him into slavery in the Deep South. Surrounded by the dangerous swamps of Louisiana, and hounded by vigilantes, escape is impossible, except by death. For twelve years, Solomon Northup struggles to maintain his sanity, while praying for deliverance by the Almighty--which comes in miraculous fashion.

This edition by Boston Hill Press is a Classic Quality E-book and features:
-historically authentic text
-superior formatting for improved readability
-”point & click” table of contents
-full Kindle navigation, e.g., word search, “go to”, etc.,

Twelve Years a Slave is now also a major motion picture by Fox Searchlight Films, and won the Oscar Award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in March 2014. Boston Hill Press is a premier publisher of quality books in history, including the acclaimed VOTE LINCOLN.

What reviewers say about Twelve Years a Slave, either the book and/or movie:

“powerfully moving” --National Public Radio (NPR)

“a story that seizes you almost immediately with visceral force. ... an exceptional historical witness” --New York Times

“ ... one of the most important texts of the abolitionist movement, published just eight years before the outbreak of the Civil War. ... The film version – not unlike “Roots” in 1977 – is nothing short of an essential account of the American experience." --North Country Public Radio, Upstate New York, the former home region of Solomon Northup
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