Oct 19
Please note that this is a PROSE novel about superheroes, not a graphic novel/comic book.


"[TGWWBK] introduces the best superhero/villain pair in ages. Lola is, without hyperbole, one of the most fantastic antagonists I’ve ever had the pleasure to read." - io9

"A fresh, vibrant and haunting story that rivetingly explores the danger and wonder of (super) power. In Lola and Bonnie Thompson has created two extraordinary characters - extraordinary in their abilities, surely, but also in their richness and complexity. A superhero story that's epic in scope, but also intimate - a great read." - Scott Snyder (critically acclaimed writer of Batman, Detective Comics, Superman Unchained, American Vampire, The Wake and more!)

"Refreshingly, TGWWBK isn't about one heroine, torn between two suitors - it's about two young women with tremendous power, torn between right and wrong. Between good and evil. Destiny and free will. In a compelling, poppy exploration of Nature vs. Nurture, these girls don't just fly - they soar." - Bryan Q. Miller (author of Batgirl Vol. 3 and writer for Smallville)

"This book is f***ing amazing and I wouldn't change a damn thing." - Erin Jade Lange (author of Butter and Dead Ends)

"TGWWBK is not only one of my favorite books ever, but it also has maybe my favorite literary character: Lola LeFever!" - Ross Campbell (creator of Wet Moon and Shadoweyes, artist for Glory)

A novel about two teenage girls with superpowers and radically different agendas, destined for a collision that will rock the world:

Separated by thousands of miles, two young women are about to realize their extraordinary powers which will bind their lives together in ways they can't begin to understand.

Protecting others. Maintaining order. Being good. These are all important things for Bonnie Braverman, even if she doesn't understand why. Confined to a group home since she survived the car accident that killed both her parents, Bonnie has lived her life until now in self-imposed isolation and silence; but when an opportunity presents itself to help another girl in need, Bonnie has to decide whether to actually use the power she has long suspected she has. Power that frightens her.

Across the country, Lola LeFever is inheriting her own power by sending her mother over a cliff...literally. For Lola the only thing that matters is power; getting it, taking it, and eliminating anyone who would get in the way of her pursuit of it. With her mother dead and nothing to hold her back from the world any longer, Lola sets off to test her own powers on anyone unfortunate enough to cross her. And Lola's not afraid of anything.

One girl driven to rescue, save, and heal; the other driven to punish, destroy, and kill.

And now they're about to meet.
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