Oct 05
Alexa Poole Found Love When Stephen Moran Fell Into Her Life—Literally!

Alexa Poole’s week off from work was to be spent quietly recuperating from minor surgery. But when carpenter Stephen Moran falls into her life—or rather off of her roof—the unexpected happens. His sweet, gentle disposition proves more than she can resist and now she’s falling for him.

And then the news comes that Alexa’s older sister, Rebecca, has vanished from the Falkman Residential Center where she has lived for the past 17 years, since an auto accident left her mentally compromised. Alexa, fearing the worst, calls her twin sister in England, and Priscilla agrees to come home despite a strained separation from her family—not to find Rebecca but to deliver some startling news.

As Alexa begins the search for Rebecca, disturbing questions surface. Why did the car that Rebecca was riding in swerve off the road, killing her college friend, Leanne McNeil? And what about the mysterious check for $50,000 found in Rebecca’s room and signed by her friend’s father, Gavin McNeil?
And can Alexa, in love for the first time, embrace the news about Stephen’s future with courage?

"A Seahorse in the Thames" is an emotional ride that begins and ends with the heart.
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Price : $4.99
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Total Pages : 288
Category : Contemporary,Mystery & Suspense,Contemporary Women,Women's Fiction,Romance,Christian,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Total Reviews : 57
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